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Goldfish Care

Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 1 month ago

Currently (03/31/07), we have two fish tanks.


Tank #1 is the 20-gallon glass tank in the waiting room, inherited from Helene. This tank contains a Shubunkin named Captain Bligh, and a white goldfish (I think it's either a comet or perhaps simply a common goldfish) named Vroomfondel.


This tank also contains a Chinese Algae Eater named Hoover, a gift from Emma. This fish helps keep the tank free of algae, but sometimes you'll still need to wipe the glass clean. I learned only after we added this fish to the tank that it prefers warm water, whereas goldfish are coldwater fish. As a compromise, I keep the tank at room temperature. Be careful about adding new chemicals (e.g., water clarifiers) to this tank, because I think some of them are not good for soft-skinned fish like catfish, and I think that the Chinese Algae Eater counts as a soft-skinned fish.


The rule of thumb that I've heard is one fish per 10 gallons. (I think this rule is for goldfish.) With two largish goldfish and the Chinese Algae Eater, we're probably at the limits with this tank. Don't add any more fish to this tank!


Tank #2 is Erin's 12-gallon acrylic tank containing a fancy goldfish who remains unnamed; I think it is a fantail. This tank used to contain another goldfish, as well as a Chinese Algae Eater (from Emma), but these other two fish died.


Here's some information to help you maintain these two tanks:

Helene's Writeup

Water Changes

Penguin BIO-Wheel 170 Maintenance


Ick -- if you don't do frequent water changes, this may happen


For fun: Naming of the Fish


Other resources:

Goldfish Paradise, a website Helene recommended for general information on goldfish

Wikibook on goldfish care

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