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Setting Up New Linux Accounts

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Any new user should ask the System Administrator to set up a new Linux account, which is separate from the PC accounts.


Once a Linux account is set up a new .cshrc file can be set up. You can choose one of two ways.


  • You can copy directly from another person's account by typing in "cp ~(account to copy from) .cshrc ~(your account)". E.g.


cp ~joem/.cshrc ~


  • Or you can copy the lines directly from a .cshrc file or this website. When in a terminal type "gedit .cshrc" and a gedit file should open in a separate window. You can copy the three lines shown below directly from this website. The lines are:


# Source common Methods Core setup

echo "Setting up Methods Core...."

source /export/w/apps/bin/MethodsCore.setup


If you are going to use DICOM to transfer images from the scanner to the local CSL computers, you will also want to copy the .MEDxdefaults file from somebody else's account. The most important thing in this file are the DICOM parameters. They need to be set up if you're going to use DICOM.


You'll need to contact the CFMI (John Van Meter, specifically) and give your login ID, because the CFMI needs to add you to a list of users who are allowed DICOM access to the scanner. This is a security precaution -- you don't want everybody to be able to access the data (HIPAA).

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