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Maximum Number of Users for MATLAB Error

If you try to run SPM and get an error message that the maxium number of users for MATLAB has been reached, it means that we have reached the limit of five simultaneous MATLAB sessions allowed under our license. In this case, try running the following command:


/export/w/apps/matlab/etc/lmstat -f MATLAB


This will give a list of who is currently running MATLAB sessions. If you notice that somebody has more than one MATLAB session going, consider politely asking them to close some of the MATLAB sessions. Also, if somebody has a MATLAB session that was started more than a week ago, it is possible that they have forgotten about it!


SPM Home Page

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VBM Processing

Using SPM for Statistical Analysis

Using SPM for Correlations

Displaying Results in 3 Orientations

Try the SnPM Tutorial

Conjunction Analysis

Two Ways to do Contrasts in SPM


SPM Tutorials

The lab book for the SPM Course held in New Haven, CT, in April of 2005, is here. It contains many useful tutorials, including introduction to SPM, nonparametric data analysis, "optimized preprocessing" for VBM, and single-subject fMRI analysis. Look in the directory

W:\Methods_Core\PDF\Misc_Software_Docs\SPM\SPM Course, New Haven, 04-2005

for more stuff. In particular, look in

W:\Methods_Core\PDF\Misc_Software_Docs\SPM\SPM Course, New Haven, 04-2005\data

for data used in the tutorials. I have made these data sets read-only, but maybe you can make symbolic links or simply copy data into your own directory.


SPM99 Manual

SPM2 Guide

SPM5 Manual

2005 Lab Book

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