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To Make Tables and Overlays

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To Make Overlays


1) In Medx: save Zmap as Zmap.hdr

2) In Terminal: thresholdAndCreateClusters Zmap.img nameClustermask.hdr 2.33 25 26 0

3) In Terminal: ThresholdOverlay.csh Clustermask.img Zmap.img

4) In Medx: Add Color - DeactandActOverlays.lut


To Make Tables


In a new terminal do the following:


1) cd to the folder in which clustermasks and zmaps are saved

2) detect_blobs Clustermask.img [determines # of clusters]

3) findHighestValue... Zmap.img Clustermask.img cluster#(1) > #.xls

4) FindLocalMaxesWithinClusters Zmap.img threshold(25) Clustermask.img > LocalMaxes.xls

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