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Tutorial: First-Level Within-Subject fMRI Processing and Analysis, using MEDx interactively

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In this tutorial, you'll step through an within-subject first-level analysis of fMRI data very similar to what is done in the Holy Script, but in a non-automated interactive MEDx session. Work through steps 1 through 8 sequentially; and if you're feeling adventurous, go ahead and try step 9. Then finish off with steps 10 through 12.


  1. Set up
  2. Obtain data for tutorial via DICOM transfer
  3. Motion Correction
  4. Make a Mean Image Volume and Mask
  5. Linear Temporal Filtering
  6. Spatial Smoothing
  7. Spatial Normalization
  8. Analysis 1: Simple t-test
  9. Analysis 2: Multiple Regression
  10. Cluster Detection
  11. Overlays
  12. 3D Renderings in VolView


It may be useful to have on hand a copy of the NCSI 525 Data Analysis Lab Handout while going through the above tutorial, for the diagram on page 2 as well as for some of the background material.


In the above tutorial, I sometimes suggest looking at other tutorials in the Official Collection of MEDx Tutorials. Some of these Official Tutorials use sample data that is distributed with MEDx. Type


cd $PXHOME/images



to see the location of this sample data.

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