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Useful Unix Commands

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cd change directory
pushd flip between two different directories
cp copy
mv move
rm remove and erase
ls list what is in the directory
ls -l list what is in directory with more detail
pwd find out where you were
mkdir make new directory
chown change owner
chown -R change owner of everything in specified directory
su switch user
chgrp change group ownership
chgrp -R change group ownership of everything in specified directory
diff compare two files
Ctrl + Z suspends program
fg reactivates program/brings suspended back into foreground
ls -alt lists permission of all files in a directory
chmod changes permissions depending on what numbers you put in using chmod ### filename command. See table below for permission numbers.
wc count number of lines, words, and characters in a (text) file


# Permission
7 full
6 read and write
5 read and execute
4 read only
3 write and execute
2 write only
1 execute only
0 none


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