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Web-Based Method for Distributing Files

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 12 months ago

Vlad set up a very good web-based system to make large files accessible to the outer world. Here's what you do:


(1) In your home directory, make a subdirectory named public_html, if it doesn't exist already:


mkdir ~/public_html


(2) Copy files that you want to make available to me into your public_html directory. E.g., if you want to make the file fMRI_0001.img available, copy that file into public_html:


cd /export/w/Data

cp fMRI_0001.img ~/public_html


(3) Send me the names of the file(s) by email. The files will then be available via the Internet. For example, if your login is debi, then the example file above would be available via the URL http://csl.georgetown.edu/~debi/fMRI_0001.img.


Try it for yourself. Copy some file into your public_html directory, then open up a web browser and type in the URL following the convention http://csl.georgetown.edu/~debi/The_Name_Of_Your_File, then press the Enter/Return key. You should get a dialog box from Windows asking you to confirm the download of the file.


Hopefully, Vlad's web-based system is still operational. Unfortunately, with the recent changes in the lab, it is possible that this web-based system is no longer functioning.

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